HH360media Networks / MudFace 2020 H3-PRO .
                  ( Black Boards Text + Video and Banner ADs "All in One" )
                                                                         R4 Promotional Use Only !!!

We're about Helping you sell your Music Material + Connecting Sounds & Exposing you to more Music Surfers.

Do you have something musical to Sell, Promote or Advertise ? HH360.Media / MFE Music Networks uses Text, Video 
and Banner ads that systemizes links, sending Industry surfers directly to your media display.
                   HH360Media Net / MFE Music Provides "free" Weekly Unlimited Tweets of your ADs for the full promotional Term
Below is an improvised "ad example" with multiple links
                                banner with link    /     video with link      /       web site 2 with link     /       banner 2 with link        /      video with link        
             Click these 6 ½ "example" links to see how your web page's will be set ..... "Your post will simulate this ad"
            and appear with links that leads surfers directly to your Business site or to your Music pages.
All Black Board Publicized Ads Will appear on Our H3.PRO SEARCH ENGINE, Click the link  PVAP
and view our PVAP Promotions.


We make promotional navigation easy as customers locate your ad & access your sites Inquiring information that markets
a variety of gigs, artists, music equipment and multi promotions throughout the entertainment industry, Sending
links directly to your music or business site.


HH360m / MFE Music Networks ‘text Promotional ads are allowed up to 35 words per ad, with live 'tweeted caption.


All music and publicized text ads are located on our ( Black Board - Management support ) System.

                                         Click here to view MFE twitter Page live support, where your promotions will be re.posted and
                                                   Re-Tweeted by us as we guide Industry surfers to your media content.


                 MudFace2020 H3-PRO . Black Board ADs - R4 Promotional Use Only !!!
                  Instead of using up your pay . per clicks, we provide an unlimited click advantage to your websites




Promoting and selling to Industry surfers
Step 1 - Simply e-mail us a paragraph using 35 words or less that promotes your material.
             MudFace 2020 H3-PRO Black Boards and Text Ad Media placements include your
             pics, vids & website links that will send surfers directly to your Business site or Music pages.
             Don’t have a website ? No problem, we'll create a "free" promotional web page for you. Just
             follow these steps 1 - 5 & Click here to see what your page will look like.


          Quick turn around set-up
Step 2 - email us at mfemusicnet@Gmail.Com and we can have you posted on our site in 72 hrs or less.


          Four month Placement planning for only $10
Step 3  -  HH360m / MFE Music Networks uses Pay Pal.
                It is important to identify yourself  or company within the email so we know who you are
                and can place your Ads ASAP.
          Live 'text page promotions with re-tweets of your ad
Step 4 - Your promotional text ad will be posted on our 'live Stream" Industry Search Engine pages for
              four months receiving random tweets from our popular HH360MediaNet music & industry twitter
              page while helping you gain even more exposure. Click here  to view our Black Board Promotions.
              Ads may be slightly changed due to tech Operations, Ad Sizing and Tweet Promotions.


           Ad item Codes for quickest post up results
Step 5  -   For this specific text ad placement you must use the item code ( P9926L ) for quickest results.
                Our item codes let our tech staff know how to place and advance your material.
                      Learn more about your Video and Banner ad Set-up
                  Video advertising and promotion set-up
                 If your sending a ‘Youtube Video - it will be designed with your promotional ad as a link
                 along with your other links and when clicked will open and appear in a 656 x 600 format
                 giving viewers high insight to your 'material as they watch your videos.
                 Banner advertising and promotion set-up
                If your sending a ‘banner - it will be designed with your promotional text ad as a link along
                with your other links and when clicked will open and appear in appropriate format giving
                 viewers high insight to your 'banner promotions.
hh360m / mfe music networks ‘text Promotional ads are allowed up to 35 text words, Including video & banner ad-promotions.
* Example : Banner placements along with your text ad, when clicked will appear in its own box supporting the
                    correct size for your banner. Click here to view Available Banner sizes.   
* Example : Video placements along with your text ad, when clicked will appear in its own box designed to a
                    656 x 600 viewing size and must be ( youtube videos ) Only ! Click here to view youtube video size.
All music and promotional text  ads are located on our ( PVAP - Management support ) System.
                                              Click here to view MFE twitter Page live support, where your promotions will be re.posted and
                                                        Re-Tweeted by us as we guide music surfers to your Website.
Depending on space availability, your music ad may appear on our ( white / PVAP ) or  ( black / PVAP ) pages.
The ad you are promoting will appear only once between PVAP pages 1 - 132+ unless you have enclosed payments
to advertise on other PVAP pages. All music ads will get “weekly unlimited tweets of your ad” but will
not receive a “new” flash logo next to your ad.
For music ads with “new” flash logos - Please check out our $35 music ads.



       Message Board text ADs Provides Promotional ad services for Novice and Professional Businesses


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[ Side Panel Advertising available ]


Video Advertising

Commercial Video ads and Music Video
Video Advertising provides up to
15 minutes of promotional
video airtime.


logo & banner Advertising

Flyer, logo and banner  ad Promotions.
Post and promote your events,
band and company with direct
access from your logos, flyers &
banners to our music surfers.


Company Text Advertising

Text advertising, industry gigs and jobs
Supports "NEW" Ads on message
boards 1 - 34 with ( wide range )
Text ads that allow up to 37 words
per ad. See more ...